Agricultural Research


Agricultural research

The application of 15N stable isotope has been used in agricultural research for several decades. At present, with the continuous development and breakthrough in the separation and analysis technology of stable isotope, the types of stable isotope-labeled compounds will continue to increase, and the application scope will also continue to expand. Among the 15N stable isotope-labeled compounds, 15N labeled fertilizers (such as 15N labeled urea, 15N labeled ammonium sulfate, 15N labeled ammonium nitrate, 15N labeled ammonium chloride and etc.) and 15N labeled amino acids provide convenient conditions for the application of agricultural scientific research, widely used in soil improvement, scientific fertilization, plant nutrition, plant physiology and biochemistry research, grassland nitrogen cycle research and other aspects.


Below are the main applications aspects bout 15N stable isotope-labeled compounds in agricultural scientific research.

Application in soil fertilizer study

15N stable isotope-labeled compounds are frequently widely used in soil fertilizer study. Because it is not radioactive and does not need protection. It can be tested in the whole growth period of crops in the field. Moreover, almost all nitrogen fertilizers can be synthesized by 15N labeling. 15N stable isotope-labeled compound as tracer can be used to study the whereabouts of nitrogen fertilizer, the influence factors of nitrogen utilization efficiency and the soil nitrogen conversion, so as to improve the crop yields.

Agricultural research

Application in scientific fertilization study

Whether organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer are better to apply separately or with each other is a question in agricultural fertilization. The problem can be solved by using the isotope technique with 15N stable isotope-labeled compound as tracer. It can be used to study the rational fertilization and improvement of soil fertility according to the factors of different crops, different nitrogen fertilizer, different ecological conditions and different fertilization methods, so as to determine the best fertilization strategy.

Application in biological nitrogen fixation study

Technology with 15N stable isotope-labeled compound as tracer is also widely used in biological nitrogen fixation research. In the past, 15N tracer technique was mainly used to confirm the occurrence of nitrogen fixation and study nitrogen metabolism during ammonia fixation. At present, 15N tracer technology also have unique advantages in the identification of new varieties of nitrogen fixation, measurement of biological nitrogen fixation, nitrogen fixation mechanism research and other aspects.

Agricultural research

Application in other studies

15N stable isotope-labeled compounds have also been widely used in crop nutrition and physiology research, breeding and cultivation, orcharism, ginseng medicine and other agricultural fields. For example, institute of Soil and Fertilizer, Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences used 15N-glycine and 15N-L-leucine as tracers to study the effect of amino acids on fertility, proving that exogenous amino acid molecules can be directly absorbed by rice seedlings.

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