Isotope-Labeled Environmental Contaminants


Stable isotope technology can be applied to geochemistry, that is, synthetic isotopes can be used to label specific compounds, track them, and reveal changing patterns. Certain substances present in the environment can cause pollution by directly or indirectly damaging the environment or human health. These substances are the subject of environmental monitoring studies. Using stable isotope technology in environmental biology can monitor harmful substances in soil, groundwater, oceans and other environments, and understand the process of pollutants entering the ecological environment, helping to prevent and control environmental pollution and repair environmental conditions. Stable isotopes focus on marking environmental pollutants, starting from the source, to avoid environmental pollution, and have important guiding significance for protecting the environment.

Alfa Chemistry provides a variety of stable isotope labeled environmental pollutants, including polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs), gases, pesticides and veterinary drugs, herbicides and plastics. These environmental pollutants can be used as targets for monitoring studies and can be used as quantitative internal standards for GC/LC-MS.


Stable isotope labeling of environmental pollutants is of great significance to environmental protection and is mainly used in the fields of environmental protection, chemical production and biopharmaceuticals. For the above applications, we will combine relevant professional knowledge to provide customers with the desired stable isotope environmental pollutants.

Isotope-Labeled Environmental Contaminants

Future development prospects

With the development of precise monitoring methods, many research results have been achieved in the study of stable isotope environmental pollutants, but there are still many potentials that need to be discovered and tapped in the field of environmental protection in the future. During environmental monitoring, soil and water quality conditions are complex, requiring the development of stable isotope environmental pollutants suitable for a variety of sample processing. It is imperative to broaden the research scope of multi-dimensional stable isotope environmental pollutants. In the future, combining stable isotopes with nanotechnology can reduce the risk of their spread in the environment.

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