Isotope-labeled Polymer


A polymer is a substance that has a relative molecular mass of 10,000 or more and is mostly made up of several atoms or groups of atoms that are covalently bound to one another. Polymers that have had one or more of the atoms in the polymer molecule substituted with isotopes are known as isotope-labeled polymers. By making the molecule easily observable by mass spectrometry and NMR while preserving the target molecule's physicochemical features, isotope-labeled polymers enable focused investigations of the structure.

Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing customers with a complete line of stable isotope-labeled polymers that are non-radioactive labeling substances. Stable isotope products can range from gases to complex molecules. The isotope-labeled polymers from Alfa Chemistry are a special instrument for recognizing and understanding biological and chemical processes.



Scientists are starting to use stable isotope tagged polymers more often. Their uses are gradually spreading to a variety of scientific disciplines, particularly in the biological sciences and plant research, as well as in food and medicine, agriculture, the environment, and geology.

Life science applications

Polymers with stable isotope labels are frequently utilized in the detection and tracing of biological samples.

Applications in plant research

In order to better understand how chemical linkages are related in plants, isotope-labeled polymers are frequently utilized.

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