Isotope-Labeled Synthetic Intermediates


Broadly speaking, intermediates initially refer to the intermediate products produced in the process of synthesizing chemical products such as spices, dyes, resins, drugs, plasticizers, and rubber accelerators using coal tar or petroleum products as raw materials. Now it generally refers to various intermediate products obtained in the process of organic synthesis. Common organic intermediates currently include cyclic compounds (benzene, naphthalene, anthracene, etc. formed through sulfonation, alkali fusion, nitration, reduction, etc.) and acyclic compounds (methane, acetylene, propylene, butane, butene, etc. Dehydrogenation, polymerization, halogenation, hydrolysis, etc.). For example, benzene is nitrated to nitrobenzene and then reduced to aniline. Aniline can be chemically processed into dyes, drugs, vulcanization accelerators, etc., of which nitrobenzene and aniline are both intermediates. Butane or butene is dehydrogenated into butadiene, which can be chemically processed into synthetic rubber, synthetic fibers, etc., of which butadiene is an intermediate.

Labeling chemical synthesis intermediates with stable isotopes helps track reaction pathways and is of great significance for revealing reaction mechanisms. Stable isotope-labeled chemical synthesis intermediates play an important role in drug discovery and synthesis.

Alfa Chemistry is committed to providing customers with a full range of stable isotope labeled intermediates, which contain different stable isotope atoms, such as deuterium (2H, D), carbon 13 (13C), nitrogen-15 (15N), etc. We can provide customized services for a variety of isotope-labeled chemical synthesis intermediates of different levels and specifications.

Isotope-Labeled Synthetic Intermediates

Application areas

Stable isotope-labeled chemical intermediates range from gases to complex molecules and can be used in a wide range of proteomics and metabolomics tracking studies, food medicine, agriculture, environmental protection, geology and other fields, mainly including the following aspects:

  • Drug synthesis field
  • Drug discovery
  • Proteomics research
  • Chemical mechanism research
  • Synthetic route exploration

For many of the above applications, we will provide a comprehensive range of stable isotope intermediate products. We can also provide researchers with suitable isotope builds. With our expertise in isotope synthesis, we are ready to provide our customers with the compounds they need.

Please kindly note that our products and services are for research use only.
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