Wide Applications of Stable Isotope Products

Applications of stable isotope-labeled compounds range from their exploitation as natural tracers in geology, ecology, archeology, climatology, and plant biology through their use as supplied tracers in metabolic flux analyses to their wide use in proteomics, structural biology as well as pharmacology and drug design. Over the past decades, applications of stable isotopes have largely overcome their radioactive counterparts. Today, stable isotopes have established their unique applications, e.g. in quantitative proteomics. As techniques become more often routine, we can expect their use to get beyond basic research and have a wider impact in biotechnology and medicine. The products produced by Alfa Chemistry have contributed to many research fields such as life sciences, medical research, environmental sciences, ecology, food safety, etc. The following details the main applications of stable isotope-labeled products.

MetabolomicsApplications icon


Stable isotope-labeled compounds as tracers combined with mass spectrometry (MS) and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) provide effective tool for the study of metabonomics.

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GlycomicsApplications icon


Labeling by stable isotope compounds is the main approach in study of glycomic quantitation, in which glycomic quantitation is essential for identifying the differential expression of glycans in diseases and biological processes.

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ProteomicsApplications icon


Labeling by stable isotope compounds is the main approach in proteomics, particularly in quantitative proteomics. The strategy provides important technical support for life science research.

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Clinical pharmacologyApplications icon

Clinical pharmacology

Stable isotope-labeled compounds have been applied in clinical pharmacology since 1972 and show with proven and promising value in many fields of clinical pharmacology.

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Biomarker analysisApplications icon

Biomarker analysis

Stable isotope-labeled compound as internal standard is in combination with LC-MS providing the highest possible analytical specificity for quantitative determinations of biomarkers.

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Deuterated drug discoveryApplications icon

Deuterated drug discovery

The development of deuterated drugs is inseparable from the participation of deuterated compounds, which play a huge role as drug precursors, intermediates, raw materials, etc.

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Environmental analysisApplications icon

Environmental analysis

Stable isotope-labeled compounds as internal standard or tracer have huge application potential in environmental analysis such as pollutant detection and pollutant tracing.

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Microbial ecologyApplications icon

Microbial ecology

Stable isotope-labeled compounds can be used in stable isotope probing to understand the relationship between microbial communities and their functions, showing a broad application prospect.

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Food safetyApplications icon

Food safety

Stable isotope-labeled compound as internal standard is in combination with LC-MS providing the qualitative and quantitative accuracy of harmful substances in food safety.

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Agricultural researchApplications icon

Agricultural research

15N stable isotope-labeled compounds have been widely used in agricultural research such as soil fertilizer, scientific fertilization, biological nitrogen fixation and others.

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Optoelectronic materialsApplications icon

Optoelectronic materials

Deuterated reagents for use in optoelectronics materials can improve the lifetime and efficiency of devices, and have been received much attentions.

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