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Alfa Chemistry is a comprehensive company dedicated to stable isotope-labeled products, technologies and services. We are committed to advancing the development of the various research fields using stable isotope related technical services to solve the research topics such as metabolic research, disease diagnosis, new drug development, harmful substances detection and many others. Our experienced staff also offers our customers years of expertise exclusively in the custom synthesis of stable isotope-labeled compounds.

Our technologies enable us to find best service solution for your demands in a efficient and fast manner. We believe that our professional services can escort your project research. Below are the services provided by Alfa Chemistry, please contact us if you have any requirements.

SILACSILACServices icon

Stable isotope labeling by/with amino acids in cell culture (SILAC) is a technique based on mass spectrometry that detects differences in protein abundance among samples using non-radioactive isotopic labeling.

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Compound specific isotope analysis (CSIA) results can provide conclusive proof of contaminant degradation, insight into degradation mechanisms, rate estimations, and contaminant source distinction/delineation.

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Stable isotope probing (SIP) is a technique in microbial ecology for tracing uptake of nutrients in biogeochemical cycling by microorganisms, which uses heavy isotopes to identify and track contaminant fate to evaluate whether biodegradation is occurring at a site.

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Stable isotope analysis (SIA) is the identification of isotopic signature, abundance of certain stable isotopes of chemical elements within organic and inorganic compounds, which has widespread applicability in the natural sciences.

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Metabolic ResearchMetabolic ResearchServices icon

The rapid emergence of metabolomics has enabled system-wide measurements of metabolites in various organisms. Stable isotope labeling offers opportunities to provide accurate metabolite identification, absolute quantification and flux measurement.

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Custom SynthesisCustom SynthesisServices icon

Alfa Chemistry provides the custom synthesis service for a wide range of stable isotope-labeled compounds. In particular, we offer custom synthesis service for stable isotope-labeled peptides.

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SIRASIRAServices icon

Measuring stable isotope ratios plays an important role in ecological and biological studies. Alfa Chemistry provides rigorous stable isotope ratio analysis (SIRA) testing services for traceability testing and detection of contaminants.

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Isotope Dilution AnalysisIsotope Dilution AnalysisServices icon

Alfa Chemistry provides isotope dilution analysis services, utilizing the addition of isotopically labeled substances for accurate quantitative analysis and accurate determination of the concentration of specific substances in samples.

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